Unusual but true: The most travelled man on Earth

The most traveled man on Earth

Babis Bizas, 64, from Arta, Greece arrives at the North Pole in 1995. [Photo/IC]

Babis Bizas has been rightfully dubbed the most-traveled person in the world, as he has visited all 195 countries numerous times in the past 40 years.

Babis Bizas has traveled since he was a student. He followed a group of young backpackers to India in his 20s.

He loved Afghanistan and was fascinated by Bangladesh. When his money was about to run he found a job on one of the numerous Greek ships anchored in the port of Colombo in Sri Lanka and sailed to Mozambique , South Africa and the United States.

Babis Bizas in Antarctica in 2009. [Photo/IC]

Bizas is a fan of unusual destinations. Older travelers, who wanted someone to lead their tours to places where no tourist infrastructure was available, looked up to him.

In 20 years of traveling, either as tour leader or as an individual traveler, he had been all over the globe. Eventually he joined an expedition by Soviet helicopter to the North Pole; after a rough 19-hour round trip from the Siberian coast 18 years later, he put the flag in the South Pole too.

He traveled numerous times to Antarctica, visited remote Islands of the Aleutian Chain in Alaska, and explored rarely visited islands of the Pacific.