Babis Bizas


Born in 1954 in Greece, the globetrotter swallowed the travel bug early enough. While still studying – interestingly, at the university he studied, in particular, the secrets of the Slavic languages – he often stuffed his backpack and hit the road. His main mode of transportation was hitchhiking. This youthful passion not only did not subside, but every moment more and more determined the direction of his life path, which in almost all aspects was subordinated to travel. Bizas has not only reached the farthest corners of our planet, he has not only established himself as a researcher, but also writes about travel, and also organizes trips for other, less experienced enthusiasts who learn about the world.
His accomplishments so far have made a great impression.


The Greek found himself among those who travel first and for whom there are no boundaries, proving that with the right attitude, further barriers can be overcome in no time. Unsurprisingly, this is a model for those who dream of conquering other places on our planet, but they are losing a constant lack of time or money. Persistence and determination, even in his early youth, allowed him to travel to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, South Africa, or the United States. As he stressed, money never fell from heaven itself. When he didn’t have enough money and wanted to continue on his way, he took up work – usually the one that allowed him to realize his passion for life. This is why he once worked on a ship and another in a travel agency.

Of course, there is nothing better in life than a combination of pleasant and useful. Therefore, it is natural that a person who cannot sit and wants to reach other places will have the greatest pleasure through working in an industry that allows them to pursue their interests. Today’s travelers have a much wider range of options in the internet age – they can make money from short videos, upload photos to social media sites, or advertise various products. Aside from bloggers and video bloggers, words like trendsetter and influential are becoming more and more fashionable today. In short, with a little luck, you can travel a lot today and comfortably watching the still growing bank balance that sponsors have been feeding.

Babis Bizas admits that he also made a living while traveling, but he had a much more difficult task. Until now, he has worked, inter alia, as a travel guide, mainly to Southeast Asia and later to Africa. He also wrote travel guides and travel books. In the industry, he quickly gained the status of Specialist and Specialist for Impossible Tasks. When someone wanted to get to a place where the tourist infrastructure was poorly developed, it was addressed to him. Thus, he brought large groups of tourists to countries such as: Nigeria, Chad or Guinea-Bissau.

Shortly after “thirty” Bizas has already visited the places that are considered the largest tourist attractions in the world. Then he decided to slow down a bit to start exploring these less popular places. Today he has the status of a traveler who has not only reached all the countries of the world (this achievement was his participation in 2004). He has also been to places rarely seen by the most active conquerors, who have traveled to all 194 countries.

Already in 1996, Bizas won the North Pole, and eighteen years later reached the South Pole. This made him the first Greek to obtain both poles. In the Arctic and the Arctic Circle, Bizas returned many times. Throughout the candle, he reached areas that are considered the most inaccessible places on our planet. It is not a coincidence that the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER and the CHINA DAILY called him “The Most Traveled Man On Earth” , After all his wife is called…Penelope!

(The biggest part of the above text has been written in Russian by OBOZREVATEL)