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Babis Bizas: interview on Skai TV – 14-06-2016




ANT1 TV news about Babis Bizas and his achievement as the first Greek to set foot on North Pole





Babis Bizas: in interview on Star TV about his travelling world record 10-11-2014



Babis Bizas: gives an interview on Alpha TV to Eleni Menegaki about his travels and experiences



Babis Bizas: on Epsilon TV talks about for his travels and experiences – 26-11-2016



Babis Bizas: on Star TV – The Greek who had been travelled around the world three times – 18.1.2017



Babis Bizas on Epsilon TV




Babis Bizas: in the TV show “Me tin Zina” on Star Channel – 30-03-2017


Б Бизас Неизвестная Россия Русское географическое общество – Москва – 18-10-2017
Lecture of Babis Bizas to the Russian Geographical Society – Moscow – 18-10-2017

(1 Hour, 45 Minutes)



Babis Bizas on Epsilon TV – 21 Jan 2018




Babis Bizas Interview with Ric Gazarian – 05-02-2018 (Audio)




Babis Bizas in ALPHA TV (11-February 2018)




Babis Bizas on Epsilon TV




Babis Bizas on Star TV – 14-01-2019




Babis Bizas interview to News 24/7 88.6 FM – 15-01-2019 (Audio)




Babis Bizas on Epsilon TV – 02-02-2019




Babis Bizas on 984 Radio Athens – 12-03-2019 (Audio)




Babis Bizas ον Epsilon TV – 10-03-2019




Babis Bizas – Interview on ERT TV – Greek Public Television




Radio ¨Hit FM” Russia – “ Бабис Бизас – Рекордсмен по путешествиям” (Audio)




Babis Bizas on Star TV – 15.1.2020




Babis Bizas on Star TV – 07.02.2020




Babis Bizas on Star TV – 09-04-2020




Babis Bizas intervier on Carne de Voyage – North Pole – 28-04-2020 (Audio)




Babis Bizas on ERT1 TV – 24-07-2020 (Greek Public Television)




Babis Bizas – Interview with Riza Rasco of the Philippine Global Travelers – 01-11-2020




Babis Bizas in Vergina TV




Babis Bizas on Alpha TV – 07-05-2021



Babis Bizas – RIK Cyprus – 25-05-2021



Babis Bizas – Alpha TV – Happy Day – 26-05-2021



Babis Bizas – Sky TV



Babis Bizas in “Inglés al final del tunel” (in English )



Бабис Бизас : (Babis Bizas) in Valdai (russian)



Babis Bizas – Open TV – Live From Kenya – 14-08-2022



Μπάμπης Μπίζας, ο Έλληνας Φιλέας Φογκ που έχει ταξιδέψει σε όλο τον κόσμο



Бабис Бизас , Лекция на русском языке