It was long overdue.

For many years the concept of travel, among the older generation of travellers,  was to tick as many boxes as possible in the lists of the various blogs you follow.

It was enough -and still it is – to land in an airport, get out of the terminal, tick the box and return back home excited because you …conquered one more country. Funny ? Or maybe ridiculous?

Then appeared another group of traveller . The …”fast” ones!

Five continents in a trip of 42 continuous hours by airplane!

Just touching down in a different continent and take the first and connection to the next continent.

Or “visit” all the 193 countries of the world in one year or even less !

Then came the race of the youngest person who has been to all the countries of the world. Not “visited”. Just been there. For one day, one hour, it doesn’t matter.

As a result , the genuine travellers  got sick  of this  perversion and decided to stay away from those groups above. “Touching the ground above the sea level” or “Go one block outside the terminal” and this was enough to be considered as a “visit”,  was not the case for them.

The genuine travellers,  put the concept of travel, back in track.They visit the countries and the territories in depth; they interact and communicate with the people; they try local food, learn some words of the  language and feel the vibe of the place they visit. They travel with the real meaning of the word. It is a relief that there are more and more travellers  who prefer to share their experiences than to post pictures from their “room with a view”.

Exactly those Genuine Travellers  honors  the annual Nomination ” TRAVELLER OF THE YEAR”. Maybe only one name is picked up every time, but many more are behind the winner. And sometimes the choice is really difficult. Welcome in the world of the Genuine Travellers.


Babis Bizas

Founder of the “TRAVELLER OF THE YEAR” nomination.

2023: Alberto Campa


2022: Nukpida Chanlenglert


2021: Lillie Echevarria


2020: Pongtharin Tanthasindhu


2019 : Danay Bustamante