The Man

More 35 years of wandering
40+ passports full of stamps
All the 195 sovereign countries of world
more than 300 days of travels every year
Expeditions to North Pole , to  South Pole  and more!
Babis was born 1954 in northwestern Greece. He studied Political Sciences at the University of Athens and Slavonic languages at the Institute of Balkan Studies in Thessaloniki. Apart from Greek and English, he speaks Russian, Spanish, French and some other languages. After completing his studies, he took the decision to work in a field related to travel. He started his career as Tour Escort with the larger tour operators in Greece, such as MANOS, TRAVEL PLAN and HERONIA. In 1987 he was invited to join the MANOS team. Upon entering the company he was so innovative that in 8 months he changed the tourist scene in Greece. His biggest contribution in the travel industry was the possibility he gave to the average traveler to reach places which are still very difficult to visit. Today he works for COSMORAMA as operations manager and plans tours to unusual destinations. (Kurdistan, Transdnistria, Kuril Islands, Franz Josef Land etc)