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This 64-Years-Old Has Visited Every Country In The World And Doesn’t Plan To Stop

Most people dream their whole lives of flying across the world and visiting a multitude of different countries. Some people are lucky enough to visit one or two, maybe even three in their lifetime. For those of us able to travel to a different country at least once a year, being in the Guinness Book of Records isn’t a remote thought.

For Babis Bizas, born Caralampos Bizas, the 64-year-old Greek traveler has a resume that the majority of us only ever dream of. Thanks to his love of adventuring, Bizas managed to set a world record and become “The world’s most traveled person.”

The Greek man is not your average adventurer. During his younger years, he spent a great deal of time hiking through the hills of Europe, joining many others during the 1970s on their way to India.

It may come as a surprise to some, but Babis Bizas is so far the only Greek person to have visited the South Pole.

While visiting Bangladesh, Bizas ran low on funds but managed to find a job on a Greek ship anchored in Sri Lanka. During his employment, the vessel sailed to many places including South Africa and the United States.

By 1987, he has already visited the places that were considered tourist destinations and even started his own company known as The Cultural Tours. His first tour led the group to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Bizas has visited all 194 sovereign countries and is the only Greek person to have visited the South Pole. He is a member of the Russian Geographic Society and has visited even the Aleutian Islands of the coast of Alaska.

People from as far as Australia and Taiwan travel all the way to Greece for a tour led by Bizas. If you want to join a tour of his, you’ll have to plan and books months in advance.

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