Links about Babis Bizas

1. Dimitrios Vlaikos Portfolios – Babis Bizas (in English)

2. Cosmorama – Babis Bizas in the South Pole (in English)

3. Cosmorama – Babis Bizas our own Magellan (in English)

4. Babis Bizas (in Hungarian)

5. Babis Bizas – Article in (in Russian)

6. National Geographic Traveller – Babis Bizas (in Dutch)

7. Greeks of Diaspora – Babis Bizas (in English)

8. Babis Bizas Travelers Century Club Member Reaches the Two Poles (in English)

9. Ekathimerini Babis Bizas the most travelled man in the World (In English)

10. Khanty-Mansiisk Tourist Information Center (In Russian)

11. Babis Bizas on Greek on Line (In Russian)

12. Babis Bizas on Everything Explained (In English)

13. Babis Bizas on Hosnok (In Hungarian)

14. Babis Bizas on Russian Geographical Society (In English)


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